Being a recommended eCommerce Plugin, WooCommerce is largely being used by webmasters to enhance the user-friendliness of their websites. The plugin is a set of tools all targeted to make a website easy to navigate, browse and shop. Right from logging in to the website to checking out, a customer seeks ease and convenience of access and shopping. The checkout process is often considered cumbersome as users have to provide a lot of personal data besides providing the address details. WooCommerce Remove Required Phone curbs the problem by allowing to remove the required phone option from the checkout page. This way the webmasters can decide whether or not it is mandatory for the customers to provide their phone number while checking out of the website.

WooCommerce Remove Required Phone Plugin:

With this plugin, the e-commerce owners can decide to make it mandatory or not for the customers to provide their phone number. When you disable the plugin, the customers can check out without filling the phone number column.  They will see a column for the phone number on the checkout page but it won’t be mandatory to fill column.

How to set WooCommerce Required Phone Plugin?

Start with downloading and installing the plugin with your WordPress e-commerce site. In case of any query, you can take help from the installation guide provided along with the product.

Once installed, you can see a WooCommerce section on the left-hand side of the settings page. Switching on the plugin means your customers will have to mandatorily provide their phone number while switching off means the opposite.

Step-by-step guide for setting WooCommerce Remove Required phone:


On the WooCommerce Plugin Setting page, you can locate a ‘Required Phone Number’ tab. Click on the tab, you will be directed to the next page.


There will be a Required Phone Number checkbox on this page. Checking the box means your customers cannot leave the checkout page without providing their phone number, whereas leaving it unchecked means otherwise.